ACE LOLLY is owned and run by Phil Pritchard and Rhys Edwards, both very close friends who are passionate about their unique business and local Anglesey roots.

The concept came about from their love of Mexican food, discovering a few authentic 'Paleta' recipes. Paleta translates simply to frozen fruit on a stick.

"Realising that these incredible fresh and healthy treats are not available here in the North Wales area, we decided to make our own. We spent months making dozens of different flavours using only fresh ingredients and sourcing them locally wherever possible."

"What started out as playing around with interesting flavour combinations for fun soon turned into us wanting to share our products with the general public as we knew everyone would love them."

Ace Lollies are free from preservatives, colourings, refined sugars and E numbers, only offering the healthiest all natural options in each and every product.